Associate Producer

Production for Raycom Sports
Charlotte, North Carolina

posted on June 24, 2017

job posting:

Position Title: Associate Producer Department: Production Resumes & Demos: Kelly Kent at Summary: The responsibility of an Associate Producer is to assist the production staff in the research, planning, and producing of specific television programming. Responsibilities include editing, shooting and writing scripts for human interest features and sponsored vignettes. Also duties could include working at game sites in various roles. Other responsibilities, not related to specific job skills, include time management, the aptitude to communicate and work cohesively with many different types of individuals. ________________________________________ Essential Functions & Basic Duties:  At least 4 years of experience in broadcast and/or digital content.  Knowledge of AVID editing and post-production procedures, techniques, and standards.  Ability to operate ENG cameras (Sony F Series, DSLRs) and equipment.  Responsible for coordinating/editing/shooting/writing long form features for various shows.  Responsible for writing and editing sponsored features, promos, game roll-ins, and teases.  Assists game and show producers in preparation for events.  Knowledge of video router/routing/converting. ________________________________________ Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:  Expertise to be a creative editor/photographer/writer/producer.  Knowledge of equipment and technology associated with our productions.  Self-starter who can work at times with minimal supervision.  Excellent communication/personal skills.  Ability to coordinate a feature shoot.  Understand story ideas and concepts.  Creative decision-making skills.  Ability to work with strict time deadlines.  Assists in obtaining research and information for the games and shows.  Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.  Knowledge of television programming concepts, principles, methodology, and techniques.  Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.  Working knowledge of technical equipment including a computer, audio and video requirements for games & shows, and graphics.

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expires on 08/23/2017