News for WGN-TV
Chicago, Illinois

posted on September 15, 2017

job posting:

WGN is looking for a videographer for a new weekly comedic news/entertainment show. The successful candidate will be versatile enough to shoot anything from man-on-the-street interviews, to scripted shorts, and will have the comedic timing to do so independently. Responsibilities include: shooting and editing weekly field pieces, directing and producing taped bits, and contributing video materials to the show’s various social networks. Qualifications: Must be genuinely interested in creating non-news, comedic content, and have a reel that demonstrates this. The position will also be expected to contribute segment ideas, and help shape the overall vision of the show. Previous shooting/editing experience mandatory. Will be working in a non-linear environment, so familiarity and experience with digital technology and editing is required. Equal Opportunity Employer

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expires on 12/15/2017