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Cleveland-Akron, Ohio

posted on October 04, 2017

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Job Title: Producer Schedule: To Be Determined Description of Duties: 1. Produce newscasts: includes story selection and format, rundown preparation and other editorial and production responsibilities associated with news line producing within guidelines and policies established by Director of News and at direction of Executive Producer. 2. Line produce other news broadcasts, as needed, on WOIO and WUAB. 3. Write/edit copy for inclusion on news programs & news specials produced for WOIO/WUAB 4. Field & associate produce news stories and news segments for use on WOIO/WUAB. 5. Back time and insure editorial integrity of the program from the control room during its live presentation. 6. Contribute story ideas for general and special assignment reporters for news broadcasts on WOIO/WUAB. 7. Other duties as assigned by news management. Education/Skills Required: 1. Minimum two (2) years TV news producing. 2. Must be familiar with multiple live remotes. 3. Must have a working knowledge of contemporary use of graphics. 4. Excellent writing and story telling ability. 5. Must be able to work with and motivate co-workers. 6. Computer literate and able to work long hours. Date Job is Available: Immediately

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expires on 05/15/2018