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Cleveland-Akron, Ohio

posted on January 04, 2018

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JOB TITLE: Director SCHEDULE: To Be Determined DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: 1. Oversee, direct and switch production for newscasts, specials and cut-in produced by WOIO and WUAB. 2. The on-air production for newscasts, including the simultaneous directing and technical directing (switching) of newscasts, specials and cut-ins. 3. Technical preparation, working closely with the producers of those newscasts. 4. Supervise audio operations, production assistants, floor crew, robotics operators and other technical employees prior to and during those newscasts. 5. Input in debriefs following each newscast. 6. Direct special reports, news promo sessions and preproduction. 7. Edit videotape for presentation on the various news programs produced by WOIO and WUAB 8. Set up and operation of portable edit suit. 9. Feed news, weather and sports tapes during the newscast 10. Serve as a liaison between editorial and technical employees and departments. 11. Other duties as assigned by news department management. EDUCATION/SKILLS REQUIRED: 1. Minimum five (5) years directing in medium to large market broadcast news operations. 2. Minimum three (3) years technical directing experience in small to medium market broadcast news operations. 3. Ability to perform under extreme deadline pressure. 4. Good people skills. 5. Editorial and artistic judgment required. 6. Computer literacy. Date Job is Available: Immediately

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expires on 03/05/2018