Chief Meteorologist

News for WEVV-TV
Evansville, Indiana

posted on April 05, 2018

job posting:

WEVV-TV (44News) the CBS & FOX affiliate in Evansville, Indiana is looking for a Chief Meteorologist. The successful candidate should have the ability to communicate weather information to viewers clearly and effectively. That includes the ability to carry the station wall-to-wall during severe weather. The successful candidate should also be able to deliver timely and accurate forecasts, and act as a mentor to other members of the staff. Knowledge of and ability to operate the Baron Weather System is helpful. NWA & AMS seals also helpful. We are looking for a knowledgeable forecaster who will engage the audience, be active in the community, build on the successes at the station, and take our weather coverage to the next level. Anyone interested should send a resume and a link to samples of their work to Please include the words “Evansville Meteorologist” in the subject line. Equal opportunity employer.

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expires on 05/05/2018