News Director

News for WEVV-TV
Evansville, Indiana

posted on December 20, 2018

job posting:

News Director 44News, (WEVV, the FOX/CBS affiliate in Evansville, IN) has an immediate opening for a News Director to lead the news department. We are looking for someone with outstanding leadership skills who thrives on teaching, coaching and developing a strong and positive newsroom environment. The News Director will oversee a department that generates 41 hours per week of on-air content in the Evansville marketís CBS and FOX stations with a focus on family and the community. Evansville is a great place to live and work. We are looking for someone to oversee a department that produces professional and engaging content that reflects that culture in a way that appeals to our own families and communities. The News Director will perform the following duties: - Recruit, interview and hire MMJs and production staff - Institute training systems for new employees - Foster a positive, motivational and professional atmosphere throughout the department - Make decisions on stories, duties and scheduling of departmental employees - Establish general duties and schedules for all news department employees - Exercise editorial and production control of newscast content - Establish and enforce rules and procedures within the department - Perform any and all other tasks perceived, assigned, and/or required that contribute to the achievement of departmental and station goals Education and Experience: College degree is required. Major in journalism, broadcasting, communications, or another related field is preferred. Minimum 4 years experience in TV news with at least two years in a Producer or other leadership role. Equal Opportunity Employer

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expires on 01/19/2019