Relief Technician

Engineer for WJBK FOX2
Detroit, Michigan

posted on September 04, 2019

job posting:

Relief Technician (Temporary, Part-Time) An employee in this classification, working under the direct supervision of the V.P., Engineering, must show proficiency in the repair, maintenance, installation and operation of a broad range of broadcast systems and equipment as well as broadcast IT systems for the purposes of producing and transmitting local news, sports, productions and daily on-air programming integrated with commercial content. Maintain and repair transmitters (AM, FM, TV, microwave, fiber, satellite, etc.), receivers, cameras, switchers, graphic systems, audio equipment, video systems, routers, automation/editing systems, intercoms, two-way radios, network switches, serves, IP systems, monitors and display systems. Proven ability to repair, maintain and operate all types of standard broadcast equipment and related software. Proven ability to install, configure, maintain, and operate IP based SAN, LAN, or WAN systems. Computer literacy is essential. CAD experience a plus. Perform other related dulles as deemed appropriate and as assigned. Two years of college or technical school majoring in a Broadcast related field and/or IT related field and/or IT related field and/or RF related field or more than 3 years of working in a Broadcast environment or IT environment is preferred. Ability to adapt to a fast-paced, quickly-changing technical environment. Understanding of all pertinent FCC rules and regulations. Satisfactory knowledge of safety practices and procedures. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with peers and superiors. Must have valid driver's license, NABET Local 43 Membership. Must be able to lift 75 pounds. Job Code: 9620

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expires on 09/29/2019