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Jacksonville, Florida

posted on February 01, 2017

job posting:

Posted: 9:56 AM, November 30, 2016 Updated: 9:56 AM, November 30, 2016 Details: We are looking for a part-time newscast editor who is proficient in non-linear editing systems including Harris Velocity and/or Final Cut Pro. You will help edit newscast stories, reporter packages, web video and other projects as needed. You will work closely with news management and producers to ensure only high quality video and audio airs in newscasts. You will also be responsible for maintaining archive materials. Experience: Prefer non-linear editing experience and educational background in communications and/or journalism. Requirements: We need someone who can edit under deadline pressure. You must be a team player willing to work flexible hours including nights, weekends and holidays. We will train you on how to take in satellite/microwave feeds and how to post video to the web and other social media platforms. You will also be trained to write stories for newscasts, the web and social media.

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expires on 05/31/2017