News with a Twist Producer

News for WGNO-TV
New Orleans, Louisiana

posted on February 16, 2017

job posting:

News with a Twist is an entertaining news program set in an eclectic bar in New Orleans. Our visual and relevant stories inform and entertain our viewer. News with a Twist is looking for a creative self-starting show producer. This is not a position for traditional newsies or news stackers. Here’s a great opportunity if you are a creative producer. We are looking for someone who is flashy, curious, a trend setter, brings a positive attitude and unique story ideas to work. Your production skills would fit nice with Entertainment Tonight or any of the other cable entertainment programs! This person will also be adept at social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) and will be required to write and produce stories for This individual will report to the Executive Producer of News with a Twist.

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expires on 04/17/2017