Production Assistant

Production for WHIZ
Zanesville, Ohio

posted on July 04, 2017

job posting:

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT by wmgadmin on December 5, 2016 at 6:57 am Job Posting # 2017-06-12-TP13 WHIZ-TV is looking for a part time Production Assistant to fill an open roll. We are looking for a professional, dependable, and outgoing person who wants to join a family oriented, fun team on Broadcast Hill! Duties include, but not limited to: operates and sets up all cameras in studio; inputs all graphics into character generator; checking that equipment, e.g. microphones and earpieces, are working before the show; assisting guests on any studio productions; relaying instructions from the control room to the studio floor using a talkback system; keeping the director and producer informed of action off-camera; giving cues and time counts to talent or guests; troubleshoot any technical problems; controlling the studio and halting production if necessary; adhering to health and safety regulations, e.g. keeping ‘safe areas’ and fire exits clear of equipment.

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expires on 09/02/2017