Investigative Reporter

Reporter for WJXT
Jacksonville, Florida

posted on August 25, 2017

job posting:

Details: WJXT, The Local Station is looking for an experienced and self-driven individual with a passion for public records, data, exposing wrongdoing and working to effect real change within our community. We want to add a high-energy professional who will also contribute investigative content on a big local or national story while also providing time to work on in-depth long-form storytelling. Experience: You will work alongside an investigative producer and photographer that work to help visualize your story to have maximum impact on-air and online. This highly visible position provides leadership and mentorship opportunities. Requirements: Prior investigative experience is a plus. Prefer at least three years of experience. You will be on-call as needed. Expect to work long hours, weekends and holidays as needed.

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expires on 10/24/2017