News for WTVT
Tallahassee, Florida

posted on June 10, 2018

job posting:

PRODUCER – 2 Positions (Full Time Regular): Qualified candidate must be creative and energetic. Must work as part of a team to produce the very best newscasts in the market. Must be well informed and well read. Must be able to take chances and try new things. Must be able to write copy and create graphics that capture the viewer’s attention. Must be unwilling to produce newscasts in the same old way. Must also be able to provide social media and web content. Must possess five years television news writing and producing experience. College degree in journalism or equivalent. Must be creative, concise, attentive to detail and able to handle deadline pressure. Must possess excellent news judgment and knowledge of Tampa Bay area. Dependability, strong writing skills and accuracy are crucial.

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expires on 08/09/2018