News for WWL-TV
New Orleans, Louisiana

posted on August 12, 2017

job posting:

JOB DESCRIPTION Candidates first and foremost have to have a passion for news: For consuming it and disseminating it via all the current and future methods. You need superior news judgment and the ability to write, Tweet, push and communicate that news in grammatically-solid and journalistically-sound ways whether it be in a long-form story or a 140 or less character Tweet or all of the other digital and social methods in between. You need the ability to juggle multiple tasks and triage our many channels of information when there are multiple breaking stories or a single, all-consuming major story and the ability to be creative and mine the vast array of sources of content when it is the proverbial ‘slow-news’ day. The ideal candidate will have some knowledge of, and ability to, shoot and edit video; produce social videos and handle Facebook Live. The candidate should also have at a minimum a cursory knowledge of the local professional, college and high school sports teams and preferably a more workable knowledge of the teams and the passion with which New Orleans-area fans have for them. The candidate should be able to demonstrate a history of use of current tools and the adaptability to learn and utilize tools that are still to come. The candidate should also be ready to show samples of their writing, Tweeting and other social media posts. Ability to shoot video and work with and create images is a definite plus. As part of a small group you will work with all departments at the station and several at corporate and need to be able to effectively communicate with them. You will also be tasked at re-writing press releases, creating stories from live press conferences, reporter Tweets, phone calls and social posts from newsmakers as well as giving a second look to stories written by fellow digital team members. JOB REQUIREMENTS Some type of degree is preferred but more important is a demonstrable body of journalistic digital and social media work whether it be from a current news organization or college or social network. Hours: This position will require, but not be limited to, night and/or weekend work.

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expires on 10/11/2017